Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Servin' it up . . . like whoa d'at!

Dawn (right) and I (Jesse, left) run the Office of Service-Learning & Sustainability at Green Mountain College -- i.e., we get to hang out with the cool kids. If you work in the business office, students come to you to contest a bill. If you work in campus safety, they come to get out of a parking ticket. If you work in the classroom, they sometimes come to sleep.
If you work in our office, students come to you because they want to volunteer at the food shelf, or they want to run afterschool programs for town kids, or they want to get the solar panels on Withey up and running. In short, we coordinate a wide range of campus outreach, service, and environmental efforts.
But we don't do it all alone; other stellar members of our team include:
  • Sue Sutheimer, Director of Service-Learning
  • Angela Olinghouse, Sustainability Graduate Intern
  • Amber Sarubbi, Student Assistant, Extraodinaire

We're going to use this blog to keep you posted on happenings from our office. So if you stay tuned, you might find out:

  • why your VISTA enjoys the view in Poultney,
  • why we've imported a garbologist from Washington, and
  • how to dig in where you are and make a difference.


Dawn said...

Wow! I wish I worked in that office...oh wait, I do!

Hello world (wide web!).

Alexander said...

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