Thursday, October 25, 2007

Local Harvest

So what's all this buz about on campus about the food being so good in Chartwells lately? Well its a little thing we like to call Local Harvest. What is it? It's a series of local foods being featured in the dinning hall. There have been two days so far that have been Local Harvest days and there are more to come. If you haven't eaten in the dinning hall on the past Local Harvest days don't miss the ones to come. November 7th all three meals and November 14th just thanksgiving dinner will be local Harvests.
So you've had the Local Harvest food and think it rocks. Well you should know the folks to thank for this delicious food. Local Foods has been sponsored by Chartwells Dining Services, The Student Campus Greening Fund (proposal written by Irene Holak), Tom Mauhs Pugh (Dean of Faculty), Student Government, Bio-Enviro Club, Philosophy Club, the Progressive Program, and the fallowing Departments: Environmental Studies, Education, Recreation & Outdoor Studies.

In addition to these groups that funded Local Harvest there were numerous volunteers that helped out with prep work to make these events happen. Pictured to the left are some of the volunteers that helped out with the prep work this past Tuesday. These fine folks chopped, sliced, and diced the hydroponically grown tomatoes that were featured on the pizza, in the chili, and on the salad bar. They also pealed and chopped the butternut squash and onions that were featured. So if you see one of them give them a big thanks for helping bring you a wonderful lunch and dinner.

If you like local harvest and are interested in more information on how you can help feel free to contact me, Amber Sarubbi, via email or by phone at extension 8153. I would love to help you get involved.

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