Monday, April 21, 2008

(net)Workin' It

That's us. The New England Regional Network class of 2008 Fellows in the Environmental Leadership Program (ELP). I got to spend four glorious days with these folks a couple of weeks ago and, let me tell you, this is an incredible bunch. The ELP Fellowship is meant to build capacity for emerging leaders in the environmental movement, and to increase diversity in the movement as a whole. GMC's own Jacob Park is a Senior Fellow from the inaugural national class in 2000. The program has since broken into regional networks to serve more folks in focused geographic regions, and the twenty of us pictured above represent the six New England States. Our first retreat - besides being about orientation and logistics - focused on diversity in the environmental "movement" (one of our fellow Fellows has even written a book on the topic which you can read online). I'm compiling a list of writings and other resource references this crew made over our long weekend, and hope to share it on this blog soon. Until then, poke around ELP's site, and see some of the good work being done by Fellows in New England and beyond.

*Thanks to Paige for prompting an ELP-related post!**

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