Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Student Sustainability Awards

At the risk of appearing lazy, I'm pasting in Julian's AASHE blog post on a new student award. This is too good to pass up -- and a chance to be published in the new Sustainability Journal. Read on:

posted by Julian Dautremont-Smith on May 6th, 2008
We know that students are producing amazing research on campus sustainability on a regular basis. Too often however, use of this research is limited to the institution where the author is based and the rest of the campus sustainability community doesn’t benefit. In the rare occasion when this research is shared with us, we don’t have a good mechanism for sharing it.
With your help, AASHE’s new Award for Student Research on Campus Sustainability can help overcome both of these challenges.
The award recognizes outstanding student research that advances the field of campus sustainability. A version of the winning paper will be published in Sustainability: The Journal of Record (subject to editorial review). We’re also planning to post many of the submissions on our website, thereby making available a ton of great new research!
If you are a student who has conducted research on campus sustainability in the last year, please consider submitting your paper. If you are a faculty member, especially one who teaches a course on campus sustainability, please encourage your students to submit their papers.
Submissions are due by August 1, following the application process described on the award homepage.
We look forward to reading your papers!

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