Monday, June 2, 2008

Dismas (don't miss 'dis)

The Rutland Dismas House is a home of transition for former prisoners and a partner to several in and out of class activities at Green Mountain College. Last night, my wife and I attended their annual dinner auction fundraiser and I was amazed at the number of community folks who came out to support such a unique and inspiring organization. What makes Dismas House so unique is that it seeks to team former prisoners and current students as residents in an affordable housing situation. Residents attend nightly meals together, weekly meetings, commit to abstaining from drug and alcohol use, and pay program fees for participation.

Last night's event featured a live auction, an award celebration, a good meal, and some truly inspiring speakers. And it reminded me that it may be a good time for our students to think about ways they can support Rutland Dismas in the Fall. In addition to internship, practicum, and Service-Learning possibilities, student volunteers can sign up to cook the evening meal, help work on house renovations, prep for the annual dinner, or APPLY TO BE A RESIDENT.

Rutland Dismas House provides a unique and mutually supportive living situation.

We are a group of students and former prisoners who share a home in a residential neighborhood in Rutland.

Our goal is to support each other in a drug and alcohol free environment that is conducive to learning and helps prisoners transition back into the community.

Since 1990 the Dismas Family has included student interns and volunteers from surrounding colleges.

Want to learn more about us? Give us a call: 775-5539 ask for Terese

Room and Board $75 a week!!
Includes: Utilities, Home Cooked Meals, Laundry, Cable TV & Phone.

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