Wednesday, April 18, 2007


So this week Jesse has been nothing but a blur because he has been running around like crazy organizing events for Earth Week. This is not to say that Jesse isn't normally running around like crazy just trying to keep up with the demand of his job, but this week it has been kicked up into high gear.

On the other I have been having a semi-stressless week. The schools in town are on Spring Break so I haven't been able to be in contact with anyone on that end. This week has involved a lot of planning, mostly for events next week - the Mentor Club's end of the year celebration BBQ, Poultney High School seniors are coming down here for a campus tour and discussion with some of our students, and Jesse and I are looking into running some community service programs with the kids at the elementary school.

So, that's what's been going on in our office.

In other news one of the most AMAZING people in the universe is coming to visit: Kimmy Korona! She just so happens to be an alum of the GMC Progressive Program (shout out!) and one of my best friends! In addition to it being Earth Week, the campus is also hosting a Young Alumni Event in which graduates of the program since its transition to an Environmental College come back to network, visit, and drink free cocktails! Anyways, since Kimmy is super amazing, she was asked to come out here by the Progressive Program director, Heather Keith, to give a presentation to current members of the program on all the wonderful stuff she is doing with her life.

Since graduating Kimmy has received her M. Ed. from the International Institute for Humane Education through Cambridge College. And, in addition to running all sorts of workshops on the subject for that Institute, she works for the Humane Society in Detroit. Her and her squeeze are leaving right after work tonight and driving through the night to get here early tomorrow. We are going to a potluck dinner at Heather's place that evening then Friday is full of all sorts of young alum activities. I'm pretty stoked to say the least to spend time with my idol/bff!

And that's how we're servin' up this week!

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