Monday, April 23, 2007

Work Study

Hello peeps. My name's Amber Sarubbi and i am one of Jesse's work study students. He has asked me to post here on what our office is like and what my job is all about.

Well the office can be summarized in a few short words: crazy, friendly, and productive. What can i say we are a bunch of fun loving people who have our moments of insanity in the busy world of service- learning. But somehow despite all the fun and moments of insanity a lot of work comes out of the office. This year we have aided in the rail trail clean up, mentoring program (which dawn organizes), Earth week events such as the natural dyes workshop (given by Angela), the slate valley mathematics competition, and a host of other events involving the community. I would go on but if i listed all the events we have been connected to you would get board and stop reading, the list is long. Basically we are the people who are getting stuff done for America and helping you get your service learning projects rolling. So if you have a project you want to do with community members (or have to do for one cor a class) our office is the place to find out whats going on. Stop in and talk with one of us. We don't bite, I promise.

As for my job in particular. Like I said I am Jesse's office grunt..... I mean work study. Just kidding about that Jesse. Officially the job is Service-learning Assistant but that doesn't tell you much about the job does it. So what is my job about? Well I do a lot of talking on the phone and a lot of typing. Basically I have been contacting community partners and recording what their needs are. That way when students come into the office looking for a service learning project or just a place to do community service we have a list of things you might be able to do. I'm also responsible for posting service events information around campus so you know whats going on. As well i attempt to maintain the two boards outside of Jesse's office with current information on Sustainability and Service-Learning. So along with copying and some filing that's my job.


Jesse said...

You posted . . . I'm so proud!

Willy said...

I would like to make a correction to the above: I know from experience that at least one member of the SL&S Office is a biter.

They are also a very friendly and productive crowd. yay servin' crew!