Wednesday, August 27, 2008


My buddy Rbo (she told me in 1999, "it's kind of like J-Lo") is doin' some amazing work in Kansas City with New Roots For Refugees -- everybody should check it out. New Roots, a partnership of the Kansas City Center for Urban Agriculture and Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas, is essentially developing farms, farmers, and markets by integrating refugee producers into the KC food system.

In addition to being an awesome farm planner, event coordinator, volunteer herder, and community supporter, Rbo is marketing and communications savvy. So today, I'm stealing a play out of her blog book. To find out who was reading her posts to the New Roots site, Rbo raffled off tote bags to folks who left comments on her blog. I don't have totes, but in the school spirit of sustainability, I'm raffling off recycling stickers and free use of our Kill A Watt meters to lucky students who comment. So just make a comment to this post, and keep an eye out for results after Labor Day.

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rachel said...

woot woot! New Roots! Any of you Green Mountain students want to come be our summer intern next year?