Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Summer Recycling Picks Up at GMC

Rob Pudner came back to Poultney early this summer to tackle campus recycling while school is out of session. The first student to staff the recycling program in the summer time, Rob has been charged with managing recycling for staff offices and conferences, and will no doubt ease the transition back into fall recycling. Rob has been integral to establishing a campus "Free Store" (look for it this fall), and contributed to environmental outreach activities as a GMC EcoRep last semester. In addition to recycling, Rob will help offer a student perspective on other sustainability projects on campus -- the Earth Tubs and Withey solar panels among them.

Since he got back to Poultney from the Garden State a couple of weeks ago, Rob has already sorted through the entire summer pile, inventoried campus bins, volunteered at SolarFest, and toured the Materials Recovery Facility in Rutland ("It's like an amusement park for waste," he said). So raise your clear, rinsed, no label, lid-removed glass to Rob . . . Here's to summer!

GMC and community folks helped out with recycling at SolarFest last weekend.

L to R: John, Rob, Joe (presented), Alicia, Laura, Irene, Ellen, and Molly.

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